Airbnb: Is it safe? How does it works?

Do you want to know if Airbnb is safe and how does it works? This post was written for you, with the aim to clarify your doubts and help you in the decisionf of choosing or not an apartment for your vacation trip.

One of the main decisions of trip planning is the choice of accommodation as it  will determine how you feel welcomed in a new place.

Each trip has a unique perspective and by analyzing factors such as your financial availability, interests and plans for your trip, you will be able to decide the best place to stay.

Of course there are trips that deserve greater investment in a luxury resort – as honeymonn for example – and others that are suitable for staying in hostels to save some money.

In the middle term of this dilemma, Airbnb has emerged as a hosting system that offers rental homes and apartments for your trip and also offers to travelers a different proposal of accommodation, with the feeling of being at home, even out of it.

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Have you ever thought about how it would feel to stay at home even if you are far from your home? That’s the idea of Airbnb, offering hosting platform in over 190 countries around the world.




The benefits of renting an apartment are many.

Apartments can be cheaper, more comfortable, allowing the traveler cook at home (by necessity or by choice), and offering to the traveler a completely unusual experience, a feeling of being part of the routine of the destination.

We have already used Airbnb to stay in different countries and we can say they were excellent choices!


In addition, Airbnb has just launched its new product, which allows the possibility to meet interesting people and live unique experiences by staying at their homes.

Example: Do you like surf and outdoor activities? Stay in the house of a renowned surfer and live amazing experiences with him as his guide. Click here to learn more

Do you like the Japanese culture? Stay in the house of a samurai artist and have classes with him! Click here to learn more

Want a different experience in Havana, Cuba? What do you think of staying and learning about the city’s music scene with a renowned singer?  Click here to learn more.

Finally, the possibilities are many and the truth is that we are craving to live an incredible experience through Airbnb .





Airbnb isa platform that makes the connection between travelers and the properties owner in a safe and reliable way.

The payment of the reservation is made directly to the platform  and then, when you get to the place you booked, you can make a complaint in 24 hours if the place doesn’t matches the reality and the value won’t be tranfered to the owner.

So Airbnb is a safe alternative for your apartment renting experience, and you can and should use the site if there is any problem in your lodging, before, during or after your stay .

The site is attractive also for those who rent the apartments, because if there is any problem with guests, one can report to Airbnb to solve it.

The properties are checked by agents, which are sent to prove that the pictures available on the website are true and, so always look for options that were checked.

Also, you can learn a little more of the property and the owner through the reviews that are available in each profile. Be sure to carefully read most of the comments made in the profile to find out if there is any problem in the property.

This way you will prevent unpleasant surprises on your vacation and you will be able to make the most of this tool.




You must create a profile and fill out some important data about yourself.

Explain who you are, the kind of experience you expect to live in your destination, what are your interests and preferences.

The Air Bnb will need some documents to confirm your identity. Do not be alarmed, it is a standard procedure to provide security to the system.

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After registering , look for apartments in the chosen destination, filling the date fields and number of guests.

Look for many apartments and create Wish Lists of your favorite, then compare the options chosen.

Be sure to read most of the reviews you can, as this will give you a sense almost exact of how are your apartment option.

If you have questions, ask the owners before making the reservation. When you decide, go ahead to book and pay .


An instersting fact about Airbnb is that in theory the property owners, as well as travelers can choose to accept or not the booking request. The owners will look at your profile with the description that you have registered and see if there is compatibility of interests between you.

Thus the owner may or may not confirm the reservation. So, it is good idea to send a friendly message when you make the reservation, only to streamline the process and ensure that the chosen apartment will be yours on your vacation!

If the owner accept you, the booking is confirmed. Simple like that, you have booked your home elsewhere!




On the homepage you can start your searching for your “home away from home.” To begin, click here.

Fill in the fields of destination, the dates, the amount of people and pressthe button “Search”.

After filling out the basic data, you will be referred to the page of the accommodation options available.

At the top of the screen, you can filter the options according to your specific search.

If you are looking for a house to you, select the “Entire Place” field.

If you are looking for a room to rent in a host home, check the “Private Room” field.

If you are looking for a room to rent and share with other travelers in a host home, check the “Shared Room” field.

You can also filter the search according to your financial availability, “Price Range” field.

After that, you can choose the options that fit in your search. It is important to open the pages that interest you and look at some details as you:

– The amount of stars, reflecting the assessments that were given to the property and photos.

– The property facilities such as kitchen, bathrooms, washing machine, pool, etc.

– And most importantly, the comments!

Reading the comments you will be sure that the photos depict the location and on more specific details of the property, such as location, ease of use public transportation, restaurants, nearby markets and more.

A facility Airbnb that love is the ability to mount a Wish List with your favorite properties to decide then calmly.

Just press the button “Save to Wish List” to create your lists. You can create one for each city.

After deciding the property you are willing to stay, check the total price, which will include the rates, the cleaning fee and the Air Bnb management fee and click on the “Book”.

It’s time to pay. Fill out your bank details so that the reservation is made and confirmed.airbnb6

At the end of the payment page you will fins a text box for you to send a message for the host .

It is important to leave a message telling them a little more about your expectations, interests and reason for travel, because the host can accept your reservation or not.

In this box you can ask for directions, set times to pick up the key with the host and also ask questions. Usually this dialogue is done and English.


That done, you just need to press the button “Book Now” and wait for confirmation of the host and booking!

It is very practical and simple to book a property by Air Bnb.

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Before traveling make sure to contact the owner to arrange the details of arrival.

We have been personally received by hosts and has also had to get the key in a designated place and this is a detail that will be agreed between you.

Take notes of the description of directions on the apartment profile to avoid any difficulty to find it and also take notes of the the host phone to call in case of emergency.

When you arrive, if you have any dissatisfaction or notice any problem you should immediately get in touch with Airbnb whitin the next 24 hours to prevent the amount is deposited in the account of the owner.

Always analyze the reviews from previous guests and always write true comments as this will help on the maintainance of the confidence of the platform.




airbnb3Cooking at home and reduce costs

Convenience of staying at home

Cheaper than hotels

Possibility to split the property with a group of friends or family

Prime locations

The properties are usually rented with all the items necessary to a house, such as kitchen appliances etc.

Some properties offer free parking




It will be more difficult to interact with others, because you will have a private space just for you!

You have to wash your dishes

The Air Bnb charges a processing fee that varies according to the amount of the reservation




Airbnb is suitable for any traveler who is looking for the live a different lodging experience.

It is an excellent choice for families, couples, young people traveling in group and for those who want more privacy or to travel on a budget.

For those who have any food restriction such as intolerances or allergies , the Air Bnb can be a good choice, because that way you can organize the food as you do at home.

Airbnb is especially interesting for independent and experienced travelers as it can offer a totally different perspective of the city.


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