Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik, an unforgettable experience

Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik

We had the opportunity to sea kayaking in Dubrovnik and on this post, we will show you how was this unforgettable experience. A kayak tour is an excellent option for those who are looking for unique experiences in Croatia and if you interested in doing this tour I indicate Adventure Dubrovnik agency for its professionalism and safety. Dubrovnik is amazing and it is different from every other city we have ever visited, but from the sea, it is even more wonderful! Dubrovnik’s impressive fortifications were erected to intimidate anyone who tried to invade the city but now serves as a treat for the tourists who visit it. The Dubrovnik city you will visit was...

Best beaches in Dubrovnik

Best beaches in Dubrovnik

Are you planning a trip to Croatia? Check out in this post the tips of the best beaches in Dubrovnik and enjoy everything that the Adriatic Pearl has to offer. Dubrovnik is not well known for the exuberance of its beaches, but mostly for its history and the marvelous historic center that preserves testimonies of other centuries. But that doesn’t mean that Dubrovnik doesn’t have its attractions for those who want to enjoy the typical crystalline sea of Croatia! Some of the beaches are known for its bustling cafes and bars, while others are silent bays that will please those who prefer quieter environments. Whatever is your taste, check here what are the...

Pasjača Beach in Dubrovnik, a must do in Croatia

Pasjača Beach in Dubrovnik

The Pasjača Beach in Dubrovnik, a must do in Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of the country and a place that you need to visit! In fact, this is not only one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia but of all the Adriatic and what makes it special is the fact that it is virtually unique. The beach Pasjača is one of the best-kept secrets in relation to the beaches of the region and so it is not too crowded like others in Croatia. Of course to enjoy this paradise will have to make some effort because getting there is not easy. But, we ensure that this beach is are worth...