Is it safe to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina? Even for women?

Is it safe to travel to Bosnia and Hezergovina

Are you planning a trip to the Balkans and wants to ask someone it if is it safe to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina? Find the answers to your questions here. When we published the pictures of our trip on Instagram and later with the success of the post about why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, many people asked if it was safe to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina.   So we decided to write about our own personal perceptions combining with some travel precautions suggested by some governments such as the UK, USA, and Canada, for example. To begin with, we must say that we perfectly understand your concern, after all, the country has a long history...

Our travel itinerary – Euro Summer 2017

After a detailed introduction to the new phase of our lives and the impact it will have on the blog, it’s time to introduce you our amazing travel itinerary. Would like to know more about the news? Click here and find out all about our plans for next year! We will be traveling for 87 days from May to August and we will visit 13 different countries. So, you can see we have many incredible adventures planned, breathtaking landscapes and a lot of good energy to start this change. During the trip, we will publish posts, itineraries and many updated tips about our experiences, so make sure to stay tuned 🙂...