How to get from Copenhaguen to Malmo

Traveling in Europe brings many surprises, such as crossing a bridge and getting to know another country.

Malmo is very close to Copenhagen and it is a lovely town with all the charm and style of Sweden .

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Although you can see the city as an bounces back from Copenhagen if you want and can , take more time to Malmo , as there is plenty to see and do there.

Although they are close and are both cities are located in the Nordic countries, Malmo and Copenhagen are quite different and offer different attractions to its visitors. Be sure to visit this wonderful city!




The cities are connected by the incredible Øresund bridge, which actually represents what is best in efficiency of the Nordic architecture.

Until the 90s there was no way to link the two countries through the Strait of Øresund, but in this decade it was decided that it would be interesting to have a connection between Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries and so the idea that came up was to build a bridge, which would be the highest railway bridge in Europe.

Several experts from various parts of the world helped on the design of the bridge and this was a project of high complexity, because it should meet certain requirements.

The bridge should be prepared to withstand the wind (the impact of wind in the region is very strong and on the way it is possible to see many wind power mills), should allow the passage of large vessels and also should be compatible with proximity to the airport Copenhagen, that is, should not be  high in order to avoid airplane accidents.

There was also the need to include railway tracks on the bridge, in addition to the routes available for cars, buses, trucks and buses.

With all these singularities, you can see that the idealization and construction work was super complex and the costs were high.

The final solution was to build a bridge half tunnel-half bridge, connecting the two cities in a masterpiece of engineering!


– Train trip from Copenhague to Malmö and back

The train connecting the two cities is called Öresundståg. Click here to access the official website.

You can take the train to Malmo in Copenhagen Central Station, København H, or station Kongens Nytorv. The central station of Malmo Malmo C.

The one way ticket cost about 110 SEK and you can buy the ticket in the machines, paying with cash or card.  The landscapes you can see from the train is itself is an attraction and worth the ride.


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