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Malmö  is such a charming town and has all the charm and style of Sweden.

The good news is that you can travel to the city as a day trip from Copenhagen and visit the basics in just one day! To check  all the posts about Copenhagen click here.

Although you can visit the city as day trip, we suggest that if you want and can, take more time to discover Malmo , as there is plenty to see and do there.

Despite the fact that they are close and are both cities are located in the Nordic countries, Malmo and Copenhagen are quite different and offer different attractions to its visitors. Be sure to visit this wonderful city!

The cities are connected by a bridge, the Øresund and the journey between them takes about 40 minutes by train – all the tips about the train ride will be given at the end of the post.


Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden, but it is still compact, and you can visit it by foot, bike and bus.

Our experience in Malmo was a little different from most tourists, because we were there to visit a Swedish friend and this way, Copenhagen ended up being our day trip.

We had the facility to visit Malmö with a local and to experience some of the habits and perspectives of Swedish people, as well as visiting to places outside the tourist circuit.

You we just can not deny: Malmo is amazing from all angles and the mood of the city is simply sensational.

The quality of life is something that exudes from its citizens and the city is filled with parks and the ocean is a constant presence throughout its neihbohoods.




Arriving at the Malmo Central Station you can choose to walk, take the bus or rent bikes to start your day tour.


This is the map provided by Malmo city and we think it is great to provide a geographic perspective about the city. We loved this interactive format and we think it can be very useful for visiting the city.

To access the official website of Malmo click here.


# Turning Torso Area

A good idea is to start visiting Malmos attractions at the Turning Torso area, which is right next to the ocean and has super interesting buildings and a super charming deck.

Comming from the Central station, pass by Malmo Live, a cultural, architectural and gastronomic complex.



Then, go to the Turning Torso, which is one of the most celebrated buildings of Sweden as its architecture is very bold and modern.


It is a 190 meters tower with residential apartments, offices and conference rooms.

The tower was inspired by the sculpture of the artist Santiago Calatrava, has an amazing shape and it is one of the main sights of Malmo.

Unfortunatelly, since it is a residential and commercial tower, tourists are not allowed to visit the interior of the Turning Torso. Click here to access the official website.

Take a stroll around the area, admire the Øresund Bridge, take some pictures of Turning Tower and take a walk through the park.


# Kallbadhuset and Ribersborg Beach

After admiring the Turning Torso, you may head to Kallbadhuset, which is a sauna house and a typical wood cabinet of the city and where you can get a great view of the ocean and take a walk on the beach.

malmo8This is an amazing attraction, but if you’re visiting Malmo during winter it may be complicated to visit the attraction because of the cold weather in the region.

The opening hours vary according to the season  and the ticket to get in costs 55 SEK. Address: Limhamnsvägen, Pier 1, 21759 Malmo. Click here to access the website.


# Castle Malmöhus

Then, go to the Malmöhus Castle, which is located very near to the city center.


Read Hudson

The Castle was built in 1434, has hosted the Danish Mint in the Middle Ages and in the 19th century served as a prison .

Currently the castle has been restored, and can be visited as it provides a a time-trip to the 16th century and also houses some museums like the Museum of Malmö , the City Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Tropicarium .

The Castle opens daily from 10 to 17 hours, the ticket costs 40 SEK and is free and for children under 19 years.


 # Slottstradgarden e Kungsparken

From the Castle Malmöhus, stroll  Slottstradgarden, where you will find the ancient windmills.


Lea Husdon

Lea Husdon

After admiring and photographing this amazing park, head to the beautiful park Kungsparken.


No matter where you go in Malmo, the Torning torso is on the horizon!

Lea Husdon

Lea Husdon

Enjoy the ride through the park and notice the details of vegetation, lakes and gardens. It is a special place!


# Small Square

The Lilla Torg is the place most bustling area in Malmo.

There you will find several cafes, restaurants and bars , which ensures that the square is always busy, especially at night.


The Lilla Torg Square is beautiful, full of outdoor tables and in addition to these options you will also come across some historic buildings.

That’s Malmo, a city in constant transformation, in which the historical perspective dialogues with the modern, resulting in a completely unique and special city.



Before visiting Sweden, please keep in mindathat one of the greatest cultural traditions of the country is Fika!

The Fika is a moment in the day, usually in the afternoon, in which the Swedesh people gather to sit in a cafe or pastry shop for tea, coffee and sweets.

We made several Fikas in our stay in Sweden and loved every one of them! The Ready and Expresso House – pictured – is one of the options to “make a Fika” in Malmo.

Be sure to take the opportunity to feel like a true native and enjoy the local cuisine.

malmo11After passing the Lilla Torg head to Stortorget, one of the most beautiful squares of the city.


# Main Square

In Stortget it is situated Malmo City Hall, an amazing building!


Near to the City Hall Building you will find a lot of charming streets, with some sculptures.

Be sure to notice the typical details of architecture and Nordic decoration on your walk around.



# St. Petri – Church of St. Peter

The Church of St. Peter is one of the most amazing sights of Malmo.

Beautiful on the outside and inside, the church was built in 1319 and is one of the architectural wonders of the city.

Read Hudson

Read Hudson

Its imposing structure enchants visitors and locals and the place is open from 10 to 18 hours every day and entry is free.

Be sure to take a walk around the Church to be amazed by the beauty of its gardens.


# Modern Museum – Moderna Museet

The Modern Museum is one of the great attractions of Malmo.

Little Gun

Little Gun

Even if you do not  want to visit the exhibits, it is worth walking in front of this bold museum to see its innovative architecture and admire works of art that are exhibited outside the museum.

The Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 18 hours. Entry costs 70 SEK, and it is free for children under 18.

Click here to access the museum’s website and check the exhibition period.


# Torup Castle

The Castle Torup is not located in the center of Malmo, so you will need some time to visit it.


It is a tourist attraction for those who can extend the visit to Malmo in another day.


# Emporia Mall

This impressive building houses a mall, but that’s the least important thing, because the decor is so futuristic and amazing that it even seems that you are not in a shopping center.



The super modern shopping Emporia is located some Malmo railway stations towards Copenhagen.

World Travel Image

World Travel Image

You can make a stop there on the return of your day trip to Malmo and check the shops with the characteristic style of the Nordic countries and also its simply unbelievable architectural structure.



Another tip is to go up on the top floor, where you can enjoy a vertical garden and the Nordic style.

To get there, get off at the station called Hyllie in the way between Malmo and Copenhagen.





Click here for more details about the trip between Malmo and Copenhagen and more information about the amazing Oresund bridge.

The cities are connected by the incredible Øresund bridge, which actually represents what is best in efficiency of the Nordic architecture.

The train connecting the two cities is called Öresundståg. Click here to access the official website.

You can take the train to Malmo in Copenhagen Central Station, København H, or station Kongens Nytorv. The central station of Malmo Malmo C.

The one way ticket cost about 110 SEK and you can buy the ticket in the machines, paying with cash or card.  The landscapes you can see from the train is itself is an attraction and worth the ride.


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