What to do in Santiago Chile – Tourist attractions

Are you planning a trip to Santiago and want to know what to do there?

In this post you will find a summary – actually, a complete list – of the best tourist attractions in Santiago.

Find out what the capital of Chile has to offer!


Plaza de Armas



The Plaza de Armas is located in the busiest area of the city of Santiago and has always represented the civic center of the city.

This square has been called Plaza Mayor and is the ground zero of Chile, housing the main architectural symbols of the colonial era, as the Correo Central, the City and the Metropolitan Cathedral, considered the main Catholic church in the country.

We visited Plaza de Armas on the first day of the 5 days itinerary in Santiago. To access the full post click here.

In the Plaza de Armas you will find several attractions like the Central Post Office, Santiago Cathedral and the National Historical Museum. You can also visit the tourist information center to get maps and information.

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Mercado Central – Central Market



The Central Market is one of the most iconic attractions of Santiago, as it represents the soul of the local people.

There you will find many stalls selling fresh fish and in the center of the market there is a kind of hall that preserves some restaurants specializing in fish and seafood.

It is a must do in Santiago, especially if you want to taste typical Chilean food!

We visit the Mercado Central on the first day of  the 5 days itinerary in Santiago. To access the full post click here.


Bairro Paris London



The district Paris London is located in the central area of Santiago , but you will have the impression that you have been  “teleported” to Europe, as the main feature of this site is the European architectural style and its winding narrow streets tiles.

Many travellers miss the opportunity to visit this iconic neighborhood, but this is one of the most charming corners of Santiago and undoubtedly worth a visit.

The name of the neighborhood is due to the intersection of Calle Paris to London in full South American metropolis. Amazing, is not it?

A good tip is to start the tour at the  Iglesia de San Francisco and follow the narrow streets to your right. This way you can experience the best of this incredible region.

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Bairro Italia


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The Bairro Italy offers options for all tastes and budgets and, despite being an area with modern trends, it still preserves much of its originality and tradition.

Chile Santiago

This neighborhood began to flourish in 1910 when an Italian family opened a hat factory making other trades began to migrate to the area . Since then the area has grown and today boasts of its range of cultural attractions such as museums, galleries, shops vintages, small businesses and restaurants.

The region also stands as cool gastronomic center of Santiago, with the hippest restaurant is Russian Olivié(Rancagua 396). The   Da Noi, very traditional Italian neighborhood is a great option. For a snack, the indication is Café Survenir  (Avenue Italy 1485).

Be sure to explore the Bustamante Park and stroll through its extension. A good idea is to stop at  Café Literary Bustamante for a coffee.


Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Contemporary Art



Santiago has many artistic attractions , and the Museum of Fine Arts and the MAM stand out in this panorama.

You may not even be a super expert in  history of art, but the fact is that these two museums are must – see attractions and can not stay out of your script.  To access the full post about the museums click here.

Light, charming and with many interesting exhibitions. That is how we define these two amazing museums in the heart of Santiago we visited on the second day of the Santiago itinerary – to access the full post click here.


Cerro Santa Lucía



The capital of Chile has some hills that are called “cerros” and the Santa Lucia is located in a central area of the city and has an amazing urban park. This all with a panoramic view of the city and the Andes!

We visit the Cerro Santa Lucía on our second day in the city of Santiago. To access the complete itinerary click here.

The best way to visit the cerro is entering the access Av. Alameda, opposite Santa Lucia subway station and get off at the other end, specifically in Calle Merced.

There is plenty to visit the Cerro like mirate, the Neptune Fountain, the Castle Hidalgo and more. To access the full post on the Cerro Santa Lucía click here.


Cerro San Cristóbal



The Cerro stands out for its  excellent panoramic view of the city and the imposing statue of the Virgin Mary. It is undoubtedly a must – see tourist attraction in the city.

We visited the Cerro San Cristobal on our 4th day in Santiago – click here to view the full script.

With an altitude of 880 meters and a prominence of 280 m, is the second highest point of the city, surpassed only by the Renca hill.

The attraction is so important to the city that Pope John Paul II visited the hill on your trip to Santiago. It’s like a Catholic church in the city.

It is undoubtedly a must-see attraction in Santiago. To access the full post click here.


Parque Bicentenario – Bicentennial Park



Santiago is a city with many parks and all of them are ideal for walking, jogging or cycling.

The Bicentenario Park, has several leisure options and is beautiful and is located in the city center.

Modern Bicentennial Park – the name refers to the 200th anniversary of Chilean independence – has several different and modern super toys, trails for running and walking with safe drinking water, equipment for gymnastics and summer umbrellas available to its visitors.

In addition, there are several sculptures around the park , be sure to admire them all.

Check out the full itinerary of the day we visited the Bicentennial Park here.





A real peaceful oasis in the center of Santiago, Lastarria is the perfect place to take a quiet walk at any time of day.

Click here to check the itinerary in Santiago including a ride in Lastarria.

The busy neighborhood hunts, where every corner has a story, you will find several dining options, art and design .

When walking calmly through the area, be sure to take a look at the Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro , where is the Museum of Visual Arts.

To visit Lastarria is a “must do” for those who enjoy good food, because there different cuisines coexist in harmony to satisfy all culinary tastes.

Lastarria is also a great showcase for Chilean productions, whether in design, the clothing, accessories and objects and also converges with art, books and music. It is one of the most bohemian and charming places in  Santiago and conquer visitors with its narrow streets in European style.





A must-see program for anyone traveling to Santiago is to visit the wineries of Valle Casablanca.

The Valle Casablanca  stands out for its production of wines Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, as it provides excellent conditions for planting and cultivation of grapes.

The Valley is home to wineries internationally recognized and one of them is Emiliana, a wine organic located just 50 minutes from Santiago.  To access the full post with all the information about the Winery Emiliana click here.

The Emiliana winery has been internationally recognized for its respected production process of organic and biodynamic wines.

At the winery is possible to make various types of tour to get to know all organic process installed in the production and also know the gardens of the property.

You can visit the Emiliana rental car, tour or bus.  For all the details on how to get in the Winery Emiliana click here.


Patio Bellavista




Click here to see the full script in the Bellavista neighborhood.

Bellavista is one of the most representative neighborhoods and picturesque city and stands out among other neighborhoods famous for its bohemian life.

The Bellavista neighborhood has become a special district with the perfect blend of cuisine , art and entertainment.

A quarter of the exponents is just Patio Bellavista, which  opened in January 2006 and soon became one of the attractions most sought Santiago. About 40% of your audience is tourists!

There are about twenty bars, cafes and restaurants on site and you can choose according to your taste and pocket.

Many are traditional among tourists and Chileans and others are new.  The important thing is to walk well before deciding their restaurant the night.

Go prepared to spend a bit more compared to area restaurants, but know that the  investment is well worth it!

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