Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik, an unforgettable experience

Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik

We had the opportunity to sea kayaking in Dubrovnik and on this post, we will show you how was this unforgettable experience.

A kayak tour is an excellent option for those who are looking for unique experiences in Croatia and if you interested in doing this tour I indicate Adventure Dubrovnik agency for its professionalism and safety.

Dubrovnik is amazing and it is different from every other city we have ever visited, but from the sea, it is even more wonderful!

Dubrovnik’s impressive fortifications were erected to intimidate anyone who tried to invade the city but now serves as a treat for the tourists who visit it.

The Dubrovnik city you will visit was forged and refined slowly for nearly 2000 years and being able to enjoy this true monument from all angles, including the sea, it is the privilege for few.

So, take the chance to fo for a kayaking tour on the sea of Dubrovnik reveals stunning views over the city walls, the island of Lokrum and hidden caves.

The experience begins in Tvrđava Bokar, the meeting point determined by  Adventure Dubrovnik and that is itself a tourist attraction because there were recorded scenes of Games of Thrones series.

At this place, tourists receive guidance on how to kayak and use the paddles, as well as how to organize the belongings in waterproof compartments that the company offers.

This is an excellent starting point because even those who have no experience with kayaking will learn and feel confident to take this adventure on the high seas.

We enjoyed the professionalism and care of the guides who are really committed to letting everyone pretty comfortable with the basics of this activity.

Once everyone is well trained, the group of about 10 kayaks accompanied by the guide departs for the tour that lasts about two hours and a half to three hours.

The first stop is made soon after the start and we can appreciate the magnitude of the walls and fortresses of Dubrovnik.

Then we follow the magnificent rowing Betina Cave, a small and almost secret beach that is a true hidden gem among the rocks of the coast of Dubrovnik and can only be reached by kayak or boat.

No doubt, this was one of the most beautiful places we visited in Croatia and suggest immensely to take the opportunity to visit this paradise unexplored.

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After about an hour on this beautiful beach, some snorkel, and snacks offered by Adventure Dubrovnik, we all headed for the next stop and on our way there and the guide provides important information about the history of Dubrovnik.

In about 20 minutes paddling to the  “cursed” island of Lokrum, we finally arrived and discovered some remote and beautiful beaches.

The guide explained to us that the island was once a botanical garden and received numerous donations of plants from different countries of the visitors who came to Dubrovnik.

So, the island she has plenty of pine, cypress and olive trees, as well as some other subtropical vegetation that offers tranquility and shade especially during the hot summer days.

The longest stop on the island is in a beach cave, where and we could get out of the kayaks to rest, do some snorkeling as well as sunbathing.

After enjoying the island, we went back to our starting point, super happy with the tour, but also very tired with the effort of rowing.

Our opinion is that it is possible for children and seniors to participate in the tour, but you must be aware that this is a very tiring activity.

This undoubtedly was a wonderful tour and we can suggest to all those who want to explore Dubrovnik beyond its walls!




The Adventure Dubrovnik offers kayaks of one or two places and transports your belongings safely in a barrel waterproof.

Sea Kayaking Dubrovnik has multiple scheduled tours throughout the day, including the sunset time, so feel free to choose the most suitable time for you.

You do not need experience with kayaking because before you leave you will receive instructions on how to paddle safely!

The tour costs about 250 HRK approximately 35 euros and includes:


Kayak and snorkeling equipment
Grande barrel waterproof for bags, clothing and personal items.
Small waterproof barrels for cameras (one per kayak)
Guide speaking English
sandwiches and water
Visit to Betina Cave
wine after return (only with Sunset Tour)


You should take the tour the following items:

Slippers or water shoes
extras Snacks


To book in advance, fill out the form on the site and wait for confirmation that will be sent by email.

The agency does not charge any amount to make the reservation, but trust that you will honor the commitment made at the time of booking.

Thanks a lot to Adventure Dubrovnik for the invitation to participate in the kayaking tour, but I would like to remind you that my opinion is and will always be true and that my commitment is to you, my readers.


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