Things to do in Copenhaguen – Best tourist attractions

Copehague is a charming town and although small, it has many attractions to offer its visitors.

Modern, beautiful and sophisticated, so is Copenhagen, a Nordic gem. Click here to check the complete travel guide to Copenhagen.

We I’ve put together a list of the best attractions of the city to make sure you will enjoy the best of your trip to the capital of Denmark.

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Nyhavn once was a very busy port, where ships from all around the world used to moor to unload cargo destined to supply the country. The location in the city center was strategic and the aim was to let the load to stay near the center of Copenhagen.

Originally, this area was the most degraded of the city, full of drunk sailors, prostitutes and popular bars.

However, Nyhavn recently underwent a process of revitalization and nowadays represents one of the most charming and sophisticated attractions of Copenhaguen.

Now, the area is full of restaurants and great bars, which certainly worth your visit. In addition, there are several charming shops there, so just enjoy a walk at the place.

Some boats are still moored there and that contributes to creating an amazing landscape. From there you can also take boats for tours around the city, which last about an hour and allow visitors to see Copenhagen from another angle.

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The iconic Little Mermaid is a sculpture dedicated to  Hans Christian Andersen’s, a Danish writer who wrote the short story “Little Mermaid”.

This is a controversial attraction, because many people love it and others hate. Whatever your opinion is, we believe that it is worth going there to check the work of art sculpted in bronze and have your own conclusions.

The Little Mermaid is displayed on a rock located in the main port and graciously welcomes the visitors of the Danish capital.

The small bronze sculpture portrays a character of a famous Danish fairy tale, actually a sad love story about a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul.

We suggest that readers read the story before visiting Denmark, so you can understand the importance of this small statue.




Hanne Juul

Hanne Juul

The complex has four identical buildings, which were once the residence of many kings and it is where you will find the Danish guard.

In fact, try to get there around 12 hours and you will be ble to watch the change of guards, a fantastic experience which is completely different from any other you have seen. The ceremony lasts about 15 minutes and is worth it.

You can also visit the interior of the Amalienborg Palace. For more information about ticket and schedules click here.

Be sure to visit the garden  which is located  in front of the Amalienborg Palace and where you can admire the ultra  modern building of the Copenhagen Philharmonic.





The Church Marmorkirken was designed by the architect Nicolai Eigtved in 1740 and was idealized to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the first coronation of a member of the House of Oldenburg.

The Marble Church has the largest dome among all the churches in Scandinavia and has 31 meters long and some people believe that dome was inspired by St.

The church is very close to the Amalienborg Palace and can not be out of your itinerary on the Danish capital.






The Kongens Nytorv Square is situated in the center of Copehaguen and is one of the busiest places in town,

Around the square there are some of the most important and iconic buildings of Denmark, as the Opera House, the “Hotel d’Angleterre”, which houses a famous equestrian statue of the image of Christian V, one of those responsible for the revitalization of the square and the city in the 16th century – and also giant Magasin du Nord, where you can find products from some of the best designers of Denmark, Scandinavia and perhaps the world.

You will definitely pass through on your walk around the city. Enjoy the great atmosphere.






This 400 years castle located in the heart of the Danish capital, represents the real splendor and holds many treasures of the monarchy – the crown jewels.

This was one of the most beautiful palaces we have visited on our travel. The building is quite impressive and a must see attraction for anyone visiting Copenhagen.

Even if you are not planning a visit to the interior of the castle, you should not miss the change to get impressed with its exterior, with beautiful gardens, art exhibitions and such a breathtaking building!

Stroll quietly and absorb every detail of this amazing and unforgettable place. To visit the inside, check ticket information and schedules clicking here.



Thomas Zelger

Thomas Zelger

Located in Landemaerket Street, the  Rundetarn – the Round Tower is  the oldest European observatory that still keep its activity.

Today the tower is used by astronomers and is also opened  for tourists.  From the tower you can admire such a great view of the city and also  a completely different architecture. For ticket information and operating hours click here.




The super fancy Avenue Stroget  has many shops,  restaurants and is the beating heart of Copenhagen.

There you will find a lot of movement and charm and even if your goal is not to shop, be sure to go there to watch the habits of locals and tourists.




Rare Delights

Rare Delights

Christiansborg Palace hosts the Danish Parliament annd also the Dnish Supreme Court. It is also the home of the Prime Ministers office and the Royal Apartments.

It is undoubtedly a must-see attraction in the city and worth a visit.

You can visit the Great Hall or the Royal Hall, where are the tapestries of the queen and other works of art displayed in a exhibition for visitors. This, however, is a paid space, but there are other rooms of the Palace with free entrance.

Tip: If you are in Copenhagen on a Sundaybe sure to arrive early to collect the free tickets for the tour available on this day. Click here to check timetables and ticket values to visit the Christiansborg Palace .

On exit, take a walk through the Marble Bridge, one of the main bridges that connects the small island of Slotsholmen, where is the Parliament, with the rest of the city. We guarantee it will be an unforgettable moment.






The area of ​​Christiana is maintained and dominated by the inhabitants who settled there a different lifestyle. Many locals consider Christiana dangerous, but if you do not act agrressive in the area, you will have no problems.

Christiania (the Free City) was founded in 1971 from a group of residents of the neighborhood Christianshaven. The founders then dominated a military area of 85 acres abandoned by the lake in search of a green area and playground for their children.

After the invasion, thousands of people migrated to Christiania and created a silent and different city apart from Denmark. Actually, it is a society based on anarchist ideals and have its own rules based on freedom and sense of community.

Christiana is a place where freedom reigns and few things are prohibited, for example, taking pictures and running.

Respect the rules and simply enjoy this amazing cultural experience that is to visit this unique place in the world. To view more pictures of Christiana click here.

To get there, the nearest subway station is Christianshavn.




Booms Beat

The castle is not situated in Copenhagen, but in Hillerød, located in north of the city. It is a must do and be sure to go further and know this precious danish jewels.

Hillerød in Roskild is a super small town with a little over 35.000 inhabitants and the only attraction in town is the Frederiksborg Castle.

A visit to the castle is a must-see attraction and the tour lasts almost a whole day. Enjoy light snacks and take food to do a picnic in the castle gardens. I assure you will not foget this moment.

+ You can go there on your own or even buy a special tour to take you around to some amazing places.


# Getting to Frederiksborg Castle

Arriving at the is an wasy task and you can do it by yourself.

You can pick up a S-tog (train), which runs every 10 minutes from the central station of Copenhagen to  Hillerød .

The trip takes about 40 minutes and you must come out at the central station of the city. To check more details about values and times, see the  website of the DSB .

From central station, just keep walking to the city’s main shopping street and there ask for information on how to get to the castle.

It is a short walk of 15 minutes and in few moments you will be at the largest castle in Denmark !!


# Tickets and opening hours

The castle is open from Monday to Sunday and has the following opening hours:

January to March 17: from 11 to 15 hours

17 March to 31 October: 10 to 17 hours

1 November to 31 December: from 11 to 15 hours

Admission ticket costs:

Adults: 75 DKK, Children: (6-15 years): 20 DKK Students: 60 DKK To check updated information, click here.



Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is the second oldest amusement park in the world and combines modernity with tradition.The result is pure charm and fun!

The park was opened in August 1843 and still retains a retro profile. This is a special place for the city residents and also for tourists and it is also a great attraction for visitors of all ages. Magic is guaranteed 🙂

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to visit the park that served as inspiration for Walt Disney. Yeap, that’s right. The Tivoli was the father of the famous Disney amusement parks around the world and saves a lot of originality and history!

+ Click here to check our full post about Tivoli Park and get inspired to visit it as well.




Malmo is a lovely town and has all the charm and style of Sweden .

The good news? You can travel to the city as a day trip from Copenhagen and visit the basics in just one day!

+ Read all our travel tips for visiting Malmo – A hit and around Copenhagen.

Although you can visit the city as a day trip from Copenhagen we suggest that if you can plan to stay there more days, as there is plenty to see and do.

Although they are close and both located in the Nordic countries, Malmo and Copenhagen are quite different and offer different attractions to its visitors. Be sure to visit this wonderful city!


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