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Hey, it is time to become personal here on the blog 🙂

If you are here now or even if frequent reader of the blog, you’ve probably noticed that this is not a blog with a strong personal touch and that we focus on publishing useful tips for your travels.

Although we always express our personal impressions and feelings about the places, situations and cultures, we never got personal enough so share our plans and details about our lives. At least not until now!

But what has changed? Basically everything has changed in our lived and with the flow of changes and renewal that we are currently living, possibly the blog will also be affected in the upcoming months and therefore, we believe that the best option to start this series of changes is to publish this post with some personal details and a preview of our next steps.

This probably is not a different story from the others you have already heard about…it is just a tale about two people who made the choice to “drop everything” to live great adventures.

For those unaware, we are a couple of brazilian lawyers. But that is not the accurate description because we are also wanderlusters and for a long time  the work routine was crushing our desires and dreams and we felt that this was the right time to take a step and promote some changes in our lives.

We considered some possibilities, but the one that most interested us was the idea of ​​spending time abroad, studying something new and somehow rethinking and restructuring our lives.

Sounds like a dream, is not it? Oh yes, and a year ago this whole idea was just an ambitious plan, but gradually took shape and was continuously developed so that today – sitting on a plane with Paris as final destination – we are beginning to live this new stage of life that looks like a delusion!

But before moving on to the details of this new stage, I will for a brief introduction: I, Lara, I’m a lawyer, I worked in the area of ​​Tax Law in a Big 4 firm and Juliana, also a lawyer, worked in a labor law firm both in Brazil.

And before you ask us, yes, we really like our profession. However, we consider that our career is just one aspect of life that we want to focus on now and especially in the future.

We want much, much more, and we believe that we – just like you – deserve to live life to the fullest, take time to develop new skills, enjoy simple moments, make plans for the future, take risks, explore and feel alive.

Perhaps you are living the anguish of having lost control of your life – or maybe not – but the fact is that we needed a change in our lives to get back the control of our choices and so we decided to take the unique chance to live abroad.

Of course, no choice comes without consequences, and we made the choice to drop the “comfort” of a career on the rise in order to seek more sustainable and true lifestyle.

So, in the search for courses abroad, we come across some sensational scholarship options and worked hard to be awarded with this unique opportunity in life. After months of hard work, our plan went out and Lara was awarded the SI Scholarship scholarship sponsored by the Swedish government to study Internaional Tax Law for a year.

Of course we know that this scholarship issue will interest a lot of you readers, but do not worry because we will prepare complete posts about the whole process of research, application and selection of masters courses and scholarships 🙂

Although she was awarded by other highly prestigious scholarships, Sweden was our first choice because the country has the kind of lifestyle that we believe and we are trying to pursue.

If the choice was worth it? Yes, no doubt, and every day we feel more free, relaxed and connected with ourselves. So, nothing better than starting this phase of life with a good trip, isn’t i?

As the Master starts only in August, we planned an ambitious and wonderful trip to enjoy the spring and the summer  in Europe and so start to this fantastic phase of our lives!

We will travel for 87 days through 13 countries, with many amazing experiences, incredible scenery and unique adventures. And yes, we will bring a lot of new content for the blog and for the instagram @findingnewpaths !

+ If you want to follow our trip and get to know more about our itinerary check this post!

In addition, during this year of studies in Sweden, we are planning several trips and therefore the expectation is that the blog will grow increasingly, supported by the unique and relevant content that we will publish.

Our expectations are the best as possible and we would like to thank you for all the fellowship during this path and say that we are very thankful with the access and supports in our portals.

Fortunately, the blog has grown a lot, reached relevant audience figures and obtained incredible partnership proposals!

Please keep in mind that each reservation made trough our links on the right sidebar means a lot to us and that this support is essential for us to continue producing, publishing and sharing amazing tips with you.

So, here is an invitation to live these amazing experiences with us and also our thanks for the company over the past months of blogging!


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Lara Nogueira

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Lara founded "Finding New Paths" as a platform to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to experience our world in an unique way. She now divides her time between studying a Masters ( International Tax Law ) in Sweden and her adventures abroad!

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