Honeymoon planning tips – How to get the perfect trip

We all have spent our whole life dreaming about a perfect homeymoon scenario. Am I lying?

However, that is something that not all of get, so we have gathered the most useful tips to help you set up a dream trip with your beloved one and celebrate the wedding.

Since the whole process of organizing a wedding is extremely stressful, it is fair for both of you to enjoy a wonderful honeymoon to relax.

And to enjoy the most of it you need to take some basic care to ensure the perfect trip, so take notes of the following precious tips keep your honeymoon dreams safe 🙂


1 – Choose a destination that suits both of you

Yes that’s right. Although it seems an obvious assumption, sometimes we hear about travel plans made exclusively on one persons expecations.

Let’s cut it straight: Do you really think that it is worth to start life together thinking in an individualistic way?

Therefore, aim to choose the destination that suits both of your dreams and profiles.

What are the activities you like to do together? Do youprefer beach or mountains? What kind of food you both enjoy? All these questions should be part of the planning process for a honeymoon trip.

Be aware that you will need to do a lot of research to decide the perfect honeymoon destination for you. But it is worth it.  Totally!


2 – Choose an off-season destination

To save money and avoid noisy crowds, always prefer destinations that are in off-season at the time of the honeymoon.

Thus, in addition to make an economic trip, you will be able to enjoy the destination with privacy required by the circumstances.

Always remember that intermediate seasons such as autumn and spring are usually the cheapest for traveling and usually are such a great time to travel to Europe!


3 – Plan your trip in advance



Do you want to ensure a journey with no bad surprises?  Our suggestion is that you plan your honeymoon in advance, as it is the best way to ensure a perfect trip.

Analyze destinations, compare values, choose hotels and tours with as care as possible to make the trip perfect on your way.

Also, planning the honeymoon in advance also  gives you time to plan financially for such a tremendous investment.

As for accommodation, please remember to book your room as soon as possible and be sure to look for special honeymoon packages.


4 – Why don’t you put your honeymoon on your gift list?

Have you always dreamed of making the honeymoon of your dreams but think you can not afford to do so? Guess what? You are wrong!

Currently there are very creative ideas to help couples to realize their dreams to travel to the destination paradise they have always wanted to visit!

A sensational idea is put quotas of the honeymoon trip on your gift lis , so that your guests can give you parts of your dream trip instead of useless things!


5 – Do not schedule the honeymoon for the day after wedding

fessta wedding

We know that you will probably be surprised by this tip, given that traditionally the bride and groom leave for honeymoon the day after the wedding.

But believe me, the best choice you can do is board a day or two after the wedding party, to avoid unnecessary problemas and fatigue.

You probably will make the most of the wedding party, so it is important to take time to rest and celebrate your love after the marriage!


6 – Pack your bags before the marriage

It may seem a silly tip, but it is important that you both prepare your suitcases before the marriage.

Leave everything organized and prepared, so you do not have to worry about stupid things after the marriage.


7 – Book shuttles in advance

To avoid a stressful beginning of your journey, a good tip is to let the shuttle from the airport to the hotel booked in advance.

Even tought some times this kind of transportation costs a lot, it is the kind of luxury item you can afford to get on your honeymoon trip, especially if you do not speak the native language.

Trust me, do not be afraid to invest in this travel item and will not regret it!


8 – “We are on honeymoon” 

just married

When you hit the road always remeber to tell everyone you are celebrating your honeymoon.

You will find out that people and businesses places will give special treatment to the couple, after all, love deserves some attention, doesn’t it?

Oh, and by doing so you will also get several goodies and discounts wherever you go. So do not be shy and communicate the celebration to the world!


9 – Invest in unforgettable experiences

You possibly have invested significant amount in your honeymoon trip, so make the most of this adventure!

Since you have already planned your budget, do not be sorry to spend on wonderful and unforgettable experiences because they will be some of your best memories.

Remember you can save when you get back home and  allow yourselves to have dinner in an incredible restaurant or do anything you have always dreamed of.

We guarantee you will not regret of investing your resources in order to turn your trip into an unforgettable honeymoon!


10 – Relax and plan your life together

Last but not least, take the time to enjoy the trip, to relax and renew your energies, because the wedding marathon must have been extremely exhausting for both of you.

Do not forget that it will be the perfect moment to have significant conversations and to make plans for the future.

Either you are under a starry night in the Maldives or in a cozy chalet in the Alps, just talk about your plans for the future and take the time to strengthen the union!

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