Finding New Paths is a digital platform for the themes of travel and life experiences.

My goal is to share with the world our travel experiences and inspire our readers to explore the world in a unique and personal way.

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I am Lara, a 26 years old globetrotter, travel writer and enthusiast photographer who loves to live new experiences and get amazed by this beautiful world we live in.

Also, I am a Brazilian tax lawyer, who used work in a multinational company and from August 2017 will be based in Sweden pursuing a masters degree in International Tax Law.

I have been traveling the world for the last 8 years, one destination at a time but in 2017 I started a full time travel journey around Europe and Latin America that lasted for up to 6 months.

To date, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to 25 countries and I’m not willing to let this number stop growing soon, so be prepared to follow my adventures abroad!

I am always chasing authentic travel experiences around the world and sharing inspiration so you can also “Find new Paths”!


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My mission is to encourage readers to live authentic travel experience.




Do you want to know how to transform the image of your product from a commodity to a life experience?

Do you know how to harness the power of social media and connect with your target audience? Need help to align your brand with your company’s values? If you are a tourism organization, company, hotel, food establishment, or travel product, I can help you!

mediakitimagensSocial media strategy 

Reaching your target audience in a digital world can be difficult. Therefore, we offer social media consulting for destinations and brands that want to focus on authenticity and engagement.


ideasBrand Development

How is the public to connected with your brand?

We can provide advice on all aspects of brand to align their values ​​with the expectations of its consumers.



“Let us create together a unique perspective of your destination, hotel, product or restaurant and offer through blogs and social media coverage the tools you need to go further.”


Content Creation

Do you need to portray a new perspective of your destination or brand?

Are you willing to share the personal side of the destination? Or do you need to attract people through adventure, culture or cuisine?

As digital influencers we can help with the communication project for your brand and turn it into real an experience!


Photos and Videos

Our images are our main engagement tools, because through them we can transport our readers to destinations and hotels we visited.

We produce photos and videos in high resolution. Present your destination through the eyes of world travelers!



We  accept invitations to visit destinations, write about our experiences and disseminates them.

In addition, close partnerships with hotels, tours and related travel in order to publish an informative and full text of our experience.

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Working with “Finding New Paths” allows you to leverage the trusted relationship I’ve established with a highly targeted audience that shares passion for travel.

By sharing experiences and exposing my authentic way to travel on the blog, I have been able to we connect with readers and followers creating a trust relationship.

My posts inspire people to visit new destinations across the globe; giving them ideas for where to stay, which restaurants to try, which products to use on a travel adventure and what experiences they can have while traveling.

I know that a picture is worth a thousand words and I focus on showing my experiences with hotels, restaurants and tours through photographys and well written reviews.




The blog is directed to a  audience made up of active and frequent travelers.

They are readers who tend to  invest in travel experiences and seek  to destinations, itinerary, accommodation and tours suggestions.

Female travelers from United States and Europe are the main focus, but the audience is also made up of
many countries in Asia and Latin America.

Most of our readers are young people between 20 to 45 years, who want to live unforgettable moments and value comfort and convenience.



In our blog we edit and publish complete travel itineraries, guides, travel reports, review of hotels, products and tours as well as travel tips.
We have an average audience of 2ooo page views and 1000 unique visitors per month and this number grows every day!



In our account  on Instagram @findingnewpaths  we publish pictures to inspire our readers and share useful tips.

Right now we have 4700 followers and we have been featured in major profiles related to travel.

Also, we publish our posts on Pinterest /findingnewblog to promote engagement and expand our community of readers.




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